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How to replace a cracked or broken LCD screen on an iPhone 5

Posted by Peter on

Did your iPhone 5 got dropped unexpectedly and LCD screen got shattered? Are you tired of a smashed iPhone 5 screen. Don’t worry we here provide the complete guide to how to replace a cracked or broken LCD screen on an iPhone 5. Unfortunately, replacing your iPhone 5 can cost you a few hundred dollars, but a screen replacement will not be that expensive and that too repairing yourself is one of the easier ones to perform and cheapest thing. So if you want to replace your iPhone 5 screen follow the simple easy steps that we guide you.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is to get original quality or trustworthy Replacement parts for your iPhone 5. As you may go to any repair shop for getting your broken LCD repaired, they may use duplicate parts too which can damage your device easily after sometime. So we prefer you to use guaranteed replacement parts only for your expensive iPhones to give your device longer life. As after updates, in iPhone duplicate replaced parts may not function properly. Duplicate LCD screen may become unresponsive after updating your iPhone 5. We recommend you to buy original quality products from reliable online suppliers who give guarantee on every product they sell like - Phonelcdparts.com.

How to replace your iPhone 5 screen yourself

Ready for the challenge? Follow the simple below provided steps:

Step 1: Power off the device.

Step 2: Remove the two pentalobe screws in the dock connector.

Step 3: Press a suction cup to the screen, above the home button using suction cup method.

Step 4: Hold the edges of the iPhone down and gently pull up the suction cup to lift the front display panel from the rear case.

Step 5: Gently lift around the edges of the display with the plastic opening tool, spreading the front display panel and rear case apart. This will detach the clips which hold two pieces together.

Step 6: Lift front panel upwards slowly to a 90-degree angle. Do not attempt to separate the front and back panels completely, as there are still cables attached underneath.

Step 7: Locate the silver shield covering the LCD and digitizer cables. Unscrew the three screws attaching it to the logic board (and pay attention to where each individual screw goes).

Step 8: Gently lift and remove the front panel assembly cable bracket. Locate the three cables hidden below, and disconnect these with the plastic opening tool.

Step 9: Completely separate the front and rear panels of the phone.

Step 10: Locate front camera bracket. Remove the two screws connecting it to the front panel display.

Step 11: Lift and remove the earpiece speaker shield and the earpiece speaker. There are total of 8 screws which hold the display and ear piece shield in the place.

Step 12: Use the plastic opening tool to pry the camera cable out of the display assembly.

Step 13: Remove the front facing camera and rear microphone.

Step 14: Remove the two screws securing the home button assembly.

Step 15: Use the plastic opening tool to pry the home button ribbon cable up. Start at the right, between the gold contact points, and gently move toward the left to pry it free from the adhesive without stressing or breaking the cable.

Step 16: Lift the home button upwards gently from the display assembly and remove.

Step 17: Remove two screws from each side of the LCD frame.

Step 18: Remove the two screws holding the LCD shield plate to the front assembly and lift away the shield plate.

Step 19: What you have left is the bare, cracked display assembly.

Step 20: Replace the LCD shield plate, home button, front camera, and earpiece speaker to your new display assembly and reassemble!

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