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About Us

About Us

Phone LCD Parts is an all-in-one wholesale company of repair parts for small businesses. We empower thousands of businesses and customers around the world. Here at PhoneLCDParts, we provide our customers with great care and high quality cell phone repair products. We make our vision and mission to help our customers to reach a wider market.


 Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, PhoneLCDParts is 100% founder-owned business to business wholesale company.



We established our company through experience and expertise in phone repair business. Started from the scratch, PhoneLCDParts grew to be the leader in wholesale distribution of cellphone parts. Today we house one of the largest selections of cellular parts and accessories in the market. We strive to offer our community of technicians the convenience of dealing with only one source.


We acknowledge the significance of time that technicians have on their hands. Here at PhoneLCDParts, we know that every moment counts. That’s why we prioritize the availability of items from the smallest screw to the most advanced product that nobody would think a company would hold.Your satisfaction and trust are our paramount concern. These values give us the enthusiasm to provide you the best customer service along with quality products as well as on time delivery. We provide free shipping on order over $399We give our clients a human element and heartfelt relatability that consumers seek that differentiate us from our competitors.Value is a concept we take very seriously. We buy direct from suppliers whenever possible, we bargain hard to get the best price, and then pass the savings on to you.