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How to Adjust Screen Sensitivity on Galaxy S7 Edge

Posted by Ola, Alao on

How to Adjust Screen Sensitivity on Galaxy S7 Edge

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How to adjust screen sensitivity problem on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Among many problems that Galaxy S7 Edge owner has reported is the problem with oversensitive touchscreen around the display edge as well as touch navigation buttons below.

Being oversensitive makes the phone launch an app, selecting something or even type on something when people handling it. It is very inconvenient because user must undo it over and over again.

Adjust Screen Sensitivity on Galaxy S7 Edge

Although this issue is pretty annoying, that doesn’t mean you have to change your phone with something else. There are some things that you can try that hopefully can help you to deal with this issue.

First, you need to adjust the way you grip or handling your phone. Make sure that your hand or your finger doesn’t hover on top of the screen or at least on the edge of the screen. It is not always easy but it may worth a try.

Using a specific smartphone case is another good idea to try. Some cases, especially the one with wider frame and raised bezel will help to keep your hand from touching the screen when you don’t want it to.

In the other hand, using a case will make the screen far more sensitive. If you already use one, you can try to release it and see whether it makes any difference or not.

What about screen protector? Screen protector adds more layers to the screen of your phone, so it may help to reduce any problem that comes from oversensitive touchscreen.

Just make sure you find a screen protector with the right size that can cover the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge nicely.

Last but not least, is that Samsung may have work on this issue in their software update. You can try to update the software of your phone to make sure you get the latest version of TouchWiz for your convenience.

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